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•   Kathryn (Kathy) Kahler (Voskuil)  6/2
•   Kevin Pace  6/1
•   Eleanor Martinez (Oydna)  3/3
•   Colleen Collins (Oscarson)  11/19
•   Ronnell Ashworth (Curtis)  8/2
•   Rudy Benoit  1/22
•   Heidi Hilton (Post)  9/16
•   Dave Irving  8/15
•   Allen Watson  8/15
•   Marilynn Schnibbe (Beesley)  8/12
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•   Julene Drury (Martinez)  7/16
•   Debbie Solomon (Schmidt)  7/18
•   Thayne Gooch  7/25
•   Carl Sorenson  7/26
•   Doug Wogerman (Wogerman)  8/2
•   Michael May  8/7
•   Carol Whitehead (Avery)  8/8


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South High School
Class Of 1972

           "THINKING  ON SOUTH HIGH!!"

It’s that Thankful time of year again. We cannot help but reflect and remember to be Thankful for all that we have…. Like our good FRIENDS from South High. We want to mention a few here.                It wasn’t long ago that we celebrated our 50th Class Reunion. It is always fun to get together and reminisce about the great times we had but this Reunion was extraordinary. We spent 3 days together either in person or via the internet. Taking pictures, making new memories, and sharing old ones, laughing and getting updates from everyone who knew anyone. Our thanks go out to Dave Burbidge and Ted DeMill who were our main sponsors. Their generous donations allowed us to celebrate in a super Grand Way!  We also had many co-sponsors, who help to get the party off to a great start. Your donations helped us with the details, like being able to get our Website Up to speed and running, securing the Park Pavilion and other things that get the ball rolling. We also had a great crew who spent a year planning and preparing for all the events and activities. Thanks to YOU ALL for the amazing memory!  Chris Pezeley Hedberg went the extra mile and took our In Memory Page to Clean Up and Organize; adding Obituaries and information so that we could honor the Cubs we have lost. This took lots of research and time and we are so thankful for her expertise and help.  We leave Rob Neeleman’s song at the Top of our Home Page to remember. Thanks, Rob, for summing it all up and leaving us with a song to sing along to.   ON SOUTH HIGH!!                                     Speaking of Thanks…We are THANKFUL we went to South!!  It was “Our Time” to shine. We attended a multi-racial, multi-social-eco, multi-educational, multi-religious, handicapped oriented School. We knew each other and supported each other. We were friends, we laughed, cried, and fought for equal rights together. We co-existed as teenagers and were supported and taught by great teachers how to be good adults… South High took us into the future, prepared to be a part of the American melting pot. It might have been better if every American had gotten their start at South High!!

Just recently we lost Kelly Husband who was a part of the planning committee for several of our last Reunions. It has made us all reflect on our lives; it was just yesterday that we saw him at the 50th Celebration! Yea, he looked a little older, we all do; but he was still that zany Kelly Husbands we knew 50 years ago. Kelly had set up a picture booth so that he could talk with everyone who came, share a memory or ten, and send everyone who stopped by for a picture a sweet memory of the great time we spent together.                                                                                                                                  It seems our days are catching up to us! We are Thankful for the technologies that allow us to follow on social platforms, GOOD FRIENDS, some who are struggling with health issues, we can add our prayers to their struggles and encouragement to hang on for another day. We can and do help each other navigate these “Golden Years” that are sometimes difficult and overwhelming. Let’s stay connected here on Our Website and other platforms. To that end we are changing Our Website from the “FREE” version back to the “Premium” version, to open more options and space for better communication and sharing.  Thanks again to all who donated to make this possible.   Please take a minute to catch up and drop a message to an “OLD” Friend…. WE ALL COULD USE A POSITIVE THOUGHT TODAY!  We are THANKFUL for YOU!  Thanks for Checking In!!     ON SOUTH HIGH!!