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Our Golden Celebration

We Celebrated for 3 Days, starting at Dear Old South High, it was "Yesterday Once More" as we met and wandered the halls, chatted with Old Friends and ejoyed the feeling of returning Home,. Taking this opportunity to gather together to Singi our School Song, 3 Times through, for good measure!  This is where we all met. 

The next evening, We joined together for our tradition Park Party, We remembered "Those Golden Moments" when we first met, Those Great Games, Our first Crushes, Sluffing for the first time and realized we hadn't changed. We are all still friends! We laughed and cried as we mingled and shared our Stories. Appreciating and Understanding better, who we all are, True Blue, Cubs!   

For the Finale, we Gathered at Thanksgiving Point for a wonderful Dinner and Program, Celebrating US, the "ForeEver Young" Class of 1972. With an Inspirational Thought and Toast by Greg Starley, our Senior Class President, and a Wonderful original song, "Thinking On South High" by Rob Neeleman, We shared our "Fond Farewells" Till we meet again, My Friends.  Thanks for the Pictures and wonderful Memories.

Yesterday Once More
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Our Golden Celebration
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