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06/25/13 08:40 AM #1    

Charles Eckhardt

hello every one i will finally be home for a month in july ,,thank goodness,,i will need to have some more info on the cruise for next year,there will be 2 of us going, send me the info to my e-mail,,thanks  tell jim that Con is fine with his family

10/07/13 12:30 PM #2    


Rudy Benoit

Are you talking 'bout Con Kostopolis?

Been trying to find him for years. We ate lunch in a trophy cabinet many a time, I know he became a lawyer, but lost track of him after that.

10/14/13 09:23 PM #3    

Charles Eckhardt

yes i have had lunch with con k. manny times  hes doing reall good,has a very nice family


10/15/13 03:39 PM #4    


Rudy Benoit

Can you get me his contact info?


06/24/14 10:06 PM #5    

1972 South High Web Site Crew

Coach Schwab... The guy we all knew, if you didn't have him as a Coach or Driver's Ed Teacher then you knew him as a friend!   What a great man, a part of our great memories of South.   

06/24/14 11:12 PM #6    


Rudy Benoit

Knew him from Drivers Ed, he was a good friend with Mr. Hancey and ALWAYS had a smile on his face, even working with Souvall.

06/25/14 07:06 AM #7    


Heidi Hilton (Post)

I'm probably the only person who did not have Coach Schwab for anything! But we all knew him! My older siblings had lots of stories to tell me about taking Driver's Ed from him...I was so relieved to get Mr. Magelby! Then so disappointed because Everyone else was having so much fun in Driver's Ed!  He came to my rescue after we had graduated! After breaking my arm out on the football field,he helped get me to the doctors. A really wonderful man, full of humor and insight and strength.. Thanks To the Schwab's for sharing your Dad with us all. Thanks Coach Schwab for being there for us!   

06/25/14 09:54 AM #8    

Linda (Diane) Barker(Dixon)

crying What a fantastic driving Coach was.  When I was teaching my son Mikey how to drive a couple of years ago, I would tell him these neat words of wisdom, and he would ask me where I learned that from, and I told him after all these years I was taught by the best and still practice what he taught me. Except for speeding, I picked that up on my own haha! Diane (Barker) Dixon

07/02/14 09:31 AM #9    

1972 South High Web Site Crew

Kristy Hoyt Metcalf - 

Coach Schwabwas not only a coach but a great friend to the students. I had him 
for summer Drivers Training. I remained friends with him throughout the rest of 
high school.Not only was he a friend, but his son, Chuck, was one of my best 
friends. They both were wonderful people. My condolences to his whole family.

01/31/16 09:34 AM #10    

Charles Eckhardt

sorry almost lost track of every one, since being retired after 40 years of being with the Federal Gov, i have done alot of traveling was in Greece , Isreal, Sada Abria,England,China, Russia, Vietnam, went to Brazial, Chili, and up to some very good friends in Canada,,its nice to be able to travel, on a sad not my wife of 35 years died 3.5 years ago still have her in my heart always ,,but life has to go on,all 4 of the kids are doing reall good and so are the 4 grand kids

03/18/21 05:33 PM #11    

Jim Bird (Bird)

OK, I was channel surfing and saw this Lagoon special on KUED.  Guess who popped up and they interviewed.  I saw him a few times while at Lagoon.  Mr.  Model United Nations himself.


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