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08/07/22 10:52 PM #1    


1972 South High Web Site Crew

Our 50th Reunion is over!  It seems strange knowing that?? With out Saying any names, what did you enjoy most about Our time together...For Us, Our eyes kept leeking as we would watched Cubs helping other Cubs, holding Doors, seeing a need and jumping in to help, lending a strong arm to lift or support another Cub in need. Making a path safer, being a leaning post, so nobody fell down the hill! Listening to each other, caring enough to really listen to each other.  Accepting all of our differences and being filled with love and compassion for each other.  The 1972 Cubs amaze me, you are such fine and great people.  Thanks for our friendships, !How about You? What was your impression about Our Grand Celebration?  Remember, don't mention any names..

08/08/22 06:05 AM #2    


1972 South High Web Site Crew

From Theresa  Mazza Sabodski "Thank you ALL for arranging, setting and organizing everything. Great job. Please shoot out a text to all involved. It was a very emotional experience for me."


08/08/22 07:09 AM #3    


1972 South High Web Site Crew

From A SPOUSE of a Cub  I would like to add my favorite comment, it was from a spouse of a Cub.  He said he "loved to come to his wife's High School Reunions because of the friendliness and warmth he feels when he is with us." 


08/08/22 07:41 AM #4    


Heidi Hilton (Post)

Really loved the "Spirit" of it ALL, Especially loved singing the School Song 3 Times through with an aweome, Conductor and Piano Player in the Alumni Room at SOUTH.  It made my Heart swell and my Eyes cry!!  Loved every minute of it ALL!  

08/08/22 08:31 AM #5    


Eldon Hancock

I am so angry with myself that I missed the Zoom meeting.  When I woke up that morning I opened the email and was ready for 4pm to roll around.  Then as the course of the day proceeded, it completely slipped my mind.  I didn't remember it until 4am Sunday that I completely blew this once in a lifetime opportunity to visit with friends as far back as my childhood.  I just have to thank all those on the committee who put this together.  I blew it and I know it.  I'm especially aware of the many classmates who have passed on.  Sometimes I wonder why I'm still here and other incredible people are taken away from their loved ones.  On South High!

08/08/22 09:21 AM #6    


Tom Post

I just want to Thank all of the Cubs who helped with our reunion it was great. I still think we have the best looking girls of any class from any high school. I just didnt realize that their beauty was also inside of them, I do now.. It was nice to see all of our friends. 

 To me nobody has changed.                                                                                                                                      Tom Post

08/08/22 09:22 AM #7    


Linda (Diane) Barker(Dixon)

Just want to thank all the cubs, what a wonderful time! Everything and everyday was perfect! Thank you all loved seeing everyone and singing our school song! Perfect time 💕(Linda) Diane Barker Dixon 

08/08/22 09:52 AM #8    


Jim Bird (Bird)

Wow, the committee did an excellent job.  I cannot thank them enough.  It was fantastic seeing all the cubs.  It was also great to know that I am still breaking rules!  What a great 3 day affair!

For those of you that missed it, we are ver sorry we did not get to see you.  Please make it a priority.  60 of our fellow cubs have passed on.  My goal is to make it to the next one on this side of the dirt!.  You should make it a goal also.  Everyone is just happy to see each other.  Animosities are gone after this time.  Next time plan on being there so we can visit.

08/08/22 03:26 PM #9    


Tom Post

Ten Reunion Facts.

1. At a 50 year reunion you can't lie about your age.

2. Memories and stories are better as we get older.

3. Patty Anderson is still Bossy.

4. Old friends are still the Best.

5. There are no enemies at our Reunions. 

6. Hair Don't Matter.

7.Exaggeration is allowed and encouraged.

8. I found out we took State in Basketball.- SWEET

9.We really miss those who have died.

10.Our class of 1972 was the best South High had to offer.

08/08/22 07:13 PM #10    


Marilynn Schnibbe (Beesley)

Wow.... It seems almost impossible that 50 years have passed since we graduated from South High! What a treat it was to see so many friends -- some who even attended Liberty Elementary and Lincoln Junior High with me! A huge thank you to the Planning Committee who did an excellent job putting everything together. Best wishes to the Class of '72! On, South High!

08/08/22 11:13 PM #11    


Leslie Brooks (Castle)

I wasn’t able to make it to the reunion but I was fortunate enough to listen to Robert’s original song posted on the site. It was lovely! It reminded me of how magical the three years were I spent in the warm community of South High. We were so young and so eager to be relevant and safe and successful at friendship. And we had such hope for ourselves and our futures.
I wish I could do it all over again, only this time with 50 years of wisdom to fully appreciate it—to be more aware, more accepting of my own insecurities, more generous and open-handed to everyone who shared the halls and the journey with me.
Thank you for reminding me. “On South High…”​​​

08/09/22 09:13 AM #12    


Susan Holdaway (Watts)

I was so greatful for all the help from the Cubs and their Spouses!  Everyone was so helpful and looked for ways to serve one another.  I felt so connected with everyone as we sang "On South High". It was beautiful to see all the love and concern we have for each other as we shared our stories, heartaches, and trials.  Wow, our class has gone through and are still going through some tough times!  I came away from the reunion impressed on how resilient and strong we all are.  

08/09/22 09:13 AM #13    


Cindy Whipple (Wilhite)

Thank you to all who put a beautiful reunion together! You did an amazing job.   I've always said that I attended the best school at the greatest time!  My husband loves to come to our reunions because it feels like a family.  I couldn't agree more.  I love and miss you all.  Thank you for the greatest memories from high school as well as  the 3 days of gathering!  We are now seasoned cubs and seeing you all was indeed a highlight to be treasured and remembered!  On South High---we stand behind each other forever!!!

Cindy Whipple

08/09/22 11:21 AM #14    


Kevin Pace

I had the most amazing time at our reunion.  It was so fun to reconnect with so many of you.  You are all beautiful people.  I haven't been to one since our 10th year reunion.  Shame on me.  If I'm still kicking, I will be to the next one.  Thanks to the committee for the amazing reunion. 

08/09/22 11:50 AM #15    


Jana Sorenson (McQuay)

Thanks to all of you Cubs who contributed to our 50th South High Class of '72 Reunion. So many beautiful, tearful, joyful moments connecting with Cubs, some going back to Whittier Elementary and Lincoln Jr. High. Sad to see so many Cubs who have passed on but loved the tribute. Though I struggled a bit remembering some specific happenings in the past, I so appreciated hearing about them! My heart is so touched by the love shared at this event, and my husband felt so welcomed by Cubs and their spouses. So grateful. Until we meet again, "On South High ... And, as the Vulcan saying goes, 'May you live long and prosper.'"

08/10/22 12:18 AM #16    


1972 South High Web Site Crew

After Thanking the Staff and our Party Planner at Thanksgiving Point, we received this note back!  " 

"We appreciated the kind words. You all were amazing to work with and We would happily help with any further events you do here at Thanksgiving Point. Thank you so much for being a dream team to work with and such wonderful Guests.  We hope your next reunion is wonderful and even better. We would love to help."

Cubs, thanks for being such great Guests at our Dinner. The food was excellent, the service remarkable, and everything was wonderful!   Thank You Thanksgiving Point Event STAFF, CHEFS and PLANNER..It was all wonderful...

08/11/22 08:55 PM #17    


Blake Harper (Harper)

I really wanted to see many of you, but I could not attend for multiple reasons. I wish each of you the best. Long life, good health, and peaceful co-existence. Thanks for all the great memories. I am always your friend.

08/12/22 10:06 AM #18    


Rainer H Lange

It was so nice to see everyone I was surprised to see how everyone has age so gracefully God bless everyone will see you next time around. Rainer H Lange


08/12/22 07:11 PM #19    


David Hansen (Hansen)

First and foremost, accolades to our alumi reunion committee!! The work and organization to make this event

stand out, impressive!!  It was so touching and heartfelt to reconnect with so many. So happy to see some from 

Whittier Elementary and Lincoln Jr.! Time flies when your getting older! I'm so humble and greatful for all that attended. God bless each and everyone of you and to our brothers and sisters that preceded us.


08/14/22 11:52 PM #20    


Jack Demke

Little over a week ago, I enjoyed revisiting, and reliving a time I had relegated to a seldom called upon nook in my mind. Too many incredible moments filled my thoughts, I could hardly place names and faces together with facts and order of events.

I agree with Tom Post concerning the beauty of the ladies (girls)  attending, and walking the halls of South High.  I was very shy back then with I guess "red hair", so I dated a West High girl, who was as one would say "sweet with a great personality".  After high school she dumped me, cause her "missionary" and love of her life would soon return. Funny she never mentioned him.  I had crushes on many lovely females at South, but they were too attractive for me to approach.   Apparently my red hair (strawberry blonde) was a curse for me way back then.

I had my close friends, John, Thayne, Ron, Paul, Carl, Ted, and Dave, and  got together often for insane high school antics, but also had friends making classes easier to tolerate.  And I must thank you for the relief.  Way to many to list.

Finally, this was the only "reunion" I've attended over the years for a number of reasons, probably being self conscious of my "red hair" being on top of the list, but I praise all who put this one together.  What an accomplishment of epic proportion.  Heidi and Tom Post, Skip Woolston, Cal Springer, Mac Curtis, Larry Watts, Lynn Oshita, Susan Holdaway, and others behind the scenes I  would mention if I could only remember who they were. (the mind is not as sharp as it once was). I renewed some old friendships and made a few new ones.  Thank you one and all, especially the unnamed who covered the cost for dinner, and for golf  and other happinings crucial to a successful reunion.

08/20/22 03:03 PM #21    


1972 South High Web Site Crew

It doesn;t seem possible that two weeks ago, we were all getting ready for the last night of our Golden Celebration... Thanks Larry Watts for keeping us going with the Video''s of Us... Who we are, Where we have been and What's in Store for us!  Please make sure to watch the Video. We are looking forward to Seeing more of the Videos, uncut and new ones sent in. We also are still hoping to get more pictures...Did you or someone you were with take any pictures of any of the THREE Nights??  Please send your photo's to us, so that we can add your pictures to Our Photo Gallery.. We'll make a gallery for YOU, with all YOUR pictures..WE WANT TO SEE THEM ALL!  Reflecting on the fun, Let's not wait for 5 years, that's too long!   What do you think?

07/31/23 03:41 AM #22    


1972 South High Web Site Crew

It'a hard to believe that one year ago we Celebrated our 50th Reunion in a BIG WAY! We had a blast!  Thanks, all of you Cubs for joining in the fun....Since then, life seems to have gone in fast motion and here we are at 51 years already!  We hope to get together for a Park Party again next 5 years is to long to wait! Watch our Website for more news on that, We are getting some request for information about pictures and films that you may have.   Does anyone have any films of Our PEP CLUB OR INTRO HALF TIME SHOWS?  How about any of our Plays? The Miracle Worker Play about Helen Keller? Brigadoon?  If so please let us know, it would be great fun to see some of our Great Moments when we meet again... Take a minute and pull out your keepsake box and see what you have to share!   Let us know, someone out there would love to see them!  Hope your summer is going well and that you've been able to avoid the heat.  Take Care!   ON SOUTH HIGH!


03/03/24 06:49 PM #23    


Eleanor Martinez (Oydna)

Robert Neeleman, the 50th reunion song is beautiful.  A great reminder that South High School will always be a part of each one of us!  Eleanor Martinez Oydna

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