Our Golden Celebration

    Our Golden Celebration, Forever YOUNG!  August 6th 2022 The Great Room at Thanksgiving Point

Bottom Row LtoR (sitting):  Terri Eggert Wentworth, Margie Stoffers Peterson, Christine Allred Gifford, Patti Anderson Godfrey, Kelly Husbands, Skip Woolston, Heidi Hilton Post, Tom Post, Susan Holdaway Watts, Larry Watts, 2nd &3rd Row LtoR: Bonnie Thomas Labrum, Vickie McDonald Reavely, Kevin Johnson, Marilyn Lancaster Hulet, Karla Therkelsen Baum, Jim Bird, Susan Urry Olivier, Jackie Waite Hines, Jeanett Farivar Smokoff (In front of Jackie), Julie Hickam Carli, Donna Quick Atkinson, Anne Waters Carpenter, Lynne Oshida Doi, Shauna Glines Raso, Katharine Garcia Lacombe, Joan Small Wells (Behind Katharine) Terri Kanegae Walton, Colleen Kelly Shepherd (behind Terri) Jana Sorenson McQuay, Carolyn Buringham Lawrence (behind Jana) Diane (Linda Barker Dixon, Krisy Hoyt Metcalf behind to the left of Diane), Pat Henrie Cutler, behind to the right of Diane), LuAnn Moeller Williams, Kim Hong (behind to the right of LuAnn) Donna Iwamoto Davis, LuAnne Majors VanVranken (Behind to the right of Donna) Marianne Kearl Samuelson, Cori Hall Facer (Behind to the right of Marianne) Patti Oliphant Bryan, Joe Law.   3rd&4th Row Jumbled Lto R: Jack Demke, Barbara Winger Gull, Cal Springer, Kathy Jones Price, Carol Polson Gipson, Steven Anderson,  Cindy Whipple Wihlite, Paul \Ehlert (behind Cindy), Carl Sorenson, Rick Howe, Thayne Gooch,  Scott Flitton, Scott Atkinson, Terry Carpenter, MacRay Curtis, Joan Small Wells, David Shelton, Steven Burns, John Atwood, Powell McLean, Kevin Pace (In front of Powell), Ted DeMill, Dale Hoskins, Bob Noble, Dave Hansen, Greg Starley.

*Not all Cubs came to Every Event, but about 75 Cubs came to at least 1 of the Main Events!  ALOHA!


Dave Irving
1 Photo  8/15/22
Terri Kanegae Walton-Gardner
17 Photos  9/9/22
Kelly Husbands
22 Photos  9/10/22