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•   Scott Stewart  6/21
•   Philip Christensen  6/20
•   Julie Hickam (Carli)  6/20
•   Ricki Stone (Klingler)  6/16
•   Scott Flitton  6/15
•   Su'Ann Johansen  6/14
•   Patty Oliphant (Bryan)  6/13
•   Kevin Pace  6/12
•   Steven Anderson  6/8
•   Powell McLean  6/5
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•   Mitzi Hencley  7/4
•   Mark Noble  7/6
•   Patti Anderson (Godfrey)  7/7
•   David Shelton  7/8
•   Colleen Kelly (Shepherd)  7/11
•   Patty McGee (Rich)  7/11
•   Carla Sharp  7/12
•   Julene Drury (Martinez)  7/16
•   Debbie Solomon (Schmidt)  7/18
•   Thayne Gooch  7/25
•   Carl Sorenson  7/26


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South High School
Class Of 1972

PLEASE!!  .DON'T FORGET : Our Golden Jubilee Dinner and Program Registration is due in less than12 Days! July 1st, 2022.  We hope to see everyone at this once in a lifetime Celebration...Remember all 3 Events are FREE for all 1972 Cubs!  Please join us... FYI- for those who feel they cannot come alone...many South High Cubs are attending Our August, 6th, Golden Jubilee Celebration SOLO...  We can't wait to see you all and if you are bringing a guest/partner with you, remember their Registration(Dinner) Fee is only $25.00...  There are a lot of other Day activities offered, like our Saturday Golf Tournament. that are pay at the door activities. Check out Our Left Menu for more on all 3 MAIN Events (August 4th, 5th and 6th)  and  our Golf Tournament and all other Day activities.

FINALLY!   Check out the newly activated "OLD FRIENDS PHOTOS"  These were some pictures that were sent in over the course of the last 50 years...**  Send us your "old Friends" photos and let us post them here for everyone to enjoy...  

PS:  It won't be long until we gather at SOUTH HIGH for the first day of our GRAND GOLDEN Celabration, on Thursday, August 4th, 2022!  We can not wait!   Less than 45 DAYS away!!   But who is counting???  Apparently, WE ARE, my friends!    See you soon!   ON SOUTH HIGH!!


    Presenting three days of celebrations, full of fun. A time to relax and enjoy "Old Friends" and share some memorable times together. There are lots of optional activities to enjoy, with something for everyone. We even have hotel options with a great group rate if you are coming in from out of town or just want to get away.  Everything you need is found in the left menu. Your Golden Jubilee Registration and Information is there waiting for you to sign up...Get ready to Party!!!

It'a Yesterday Once more!  Thursday, August 4th from 6:00-8:00 we invite you to join us in the front foyer at South High! (SLCC South City Campus). It's Gold Rush time, don't miss the fun..Wander the Halls, things have changed, you will be surprised, but come take a look. Sign our 50th Year Book, go up what's left of the "Ramps" and enjoy the Alumni Room memorabilia from our days at South...Head over for a Big Mac, Fries, and Vanilla shake, it costs more than a dollar BUT if you ask you can get a free ice cream cone, because you are a "Senior" now!!  ** Group picture out on the front steps at 7:00 PM

Our Traditional Park Party will be Friday, August 5th from 6:00 till 9:00 pm, It's a BYO-dinner. We'll supply the Water,sodas and Munchies and YOU supply the laughter and tears, the Stories and Fun. We'll meet at the INDOOR, air-conditioned Lone Peak Pavilion in Sandy, Utah. This is the night we all love with table hopping and talking, laughing and crying as we take some time to catch up on 50 years of livin'. This has all the makings for a relaxing evening for everyone.**Group picture at 7:00 PM

Saturday Daytime OPTIONAL ACTIVITIES August 6th will be filled with activities for everyone to enjoy. Thanksgiving Point offers everything from Butterfles to Dinosaurs, with Museums to Gardens, from Movies to Wellness Spas, it's all up to you...get together with old friends and enjoy some fun. 

Saturday Evening, August 6th will be the High Light of Our Golden Celebration... We'll start the evening with a Social Hour from 5:00-6:30.  A delicious Buffet Dinner will be served at 6:30  followed by a Golden Celebration Honoring US, South High Cubs!!  FOREVER YOUNG !!  **Group Picture at  6:00 PM, during the Social Hour  Registration is required for this Event, The Registration Fee has been changed, the 1972 Cub's dinner is Free and their Guest dinner is now $25.00.. See OUR GOLDEN JUBILEE REGISTRATION AND INFORMATION FOR ALL THE DETAILS.(Left Menu)           

  LET'S GO GOLFING!!  Our Traditional Golf Tournament is on, Thanks to our 50th Reunion Golf Pro - Skip Woolston. We hope to see all you Golfers up for the Challenge. This is a Tourney for the 1972 Cubs BUT stack your Team. Rule #1: Each team must have at least one 1972 Cub, the other 3 can be Family (Spouse - Children - Grand Children etc) or just a Golf Buddy you like to play Golf with, so go ahead Stack your Team. What? You want to Golf but don't have a team? Well join us and we'll Combine a winning Team for you! See your Invitation and Registration in the left Menu - 50th Golf Tournament Registration.  

        DONATIONS: Your donations are used in several ways: We use them to keep Our Website running with, Domain and Protection Fees and a Platinum Membership for the year of our Reunion. We use them for mailing Reunion Registrations where needed. We use them for reserving and rental costs for both the Park facilities (Our traditional Park Party is every 5 years) and Reserving and Rental Fees for the Dinner/Program night (Thanksgiving Point, The Great Room) and incidental costs like name tags, table clothes, water and munchies, decorations where needed, etc. We buy the per plate cost of the dinner down to help make this once in a lifetime Celebration available to ALL.

        *Committee members serve voluntarily, with no compensation.

 We invite you to “donate” toward Our 50th Reunion Celebration. Donations can now be made using VENMO or by Check. *See DONATION button in the left menu for more information on how to donate.  Thank you again, for your donations.