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•   Jackie Waite (Hines)  7/20
•   Eldon Hancock  6/10
•   I Have A Vintage Popcorn Machine. It Is In An Oak Urry (Me?)  6/9
•   Michael May  5/6
•   Peggy Hailes (Lind)  5/5
•   John Hille  4/24
•   Renae Packer (Walker)  4/21
•   Heidi Hilton (Post)  4/16
•   Jim Bird (Bird)  12/19
•   Kim Hong  3/2
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•   Thayne Gooch  7/25
•   Carl Sorenson  7/26
•   Doug Wogerman  8/2
•   Michael May  8/7
•   Carol Whitehead (Avery)  8/8
•   Donna Quick (Atkinson)  8/19


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South High School
Class Of 1972

Seems Like Just Yesterday…. Think about it for a minute, How would you finish the line, “It seems like just yesterday that…. “ ? 

Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were getting ready for OUR graduation?    Now many of us have kids and grandkids that are getting ready to graduate!!!!      

 It wasn’t that long ago that we sat in class listening to teachers and discussed what our futures looked like. Sharing our hopes and dreams with our closest friends…      Could we have ever imagined where our lives have taken us??

 Do you remember walking out to the front of the School after our Graduation ceremony????                          The sun was shining and we were Crying, Laughing, Smiling, Hugging and taking our first steps toward the rest of our lives…It seemed so liberating!!!   All to soon we were having reunions, getting back together, 5 years later, then 15 years later, then 20 and pretty much every 5 years since then….  

It really does seem like just yesterday that we had our 40th reunion. What fun it was to be together, whether you came to the Park Party, or joined those riding the Heber Valley Railroad.  Maybe you played golf and cheered for Ted Demill who hit a hole-in-one at the Crater Springs Golf Course! Hope you didn’t miss the tasty dinner and wonderful program, that was planned by Mitzi Hencly and Margie Stoffers Peterson, and the party continued the next morning with a brunch to say so long…It was so good to be together!!

 Our 45th reunion was a Park Party, complete with Contests, games and prizes… and each other! It is always so good to be together, there never seems to be enough time…

And here we are, after 49 years of moving on, looking back, remembering…Check out some of the fun pictures of past reunions on the left side bar menu of the Home Page.

 Now, As we head toward our 50th Reunion next year (2022) it will be good to be together again!!   Our Class Officers will be heading this Grand Party up… If you would like to help, please, send us a message through our Web Page. … Wouldn’t it be great to see everyone there? Yes It would!!! 

 Everyone can help by updating your page on our Website. Go to the “Member Functions” menu on the left side bar menu on Our Home Page. Choose “Edit Contact Info” .  If you have questions or need help with your passwords, “Contact Us” there, we’ll help you get back on.                                                                       Please let us know if you know where to find any of our missing Cubs, We need lots of help there!

 Sadly, we have lost many of our ’72 Cubs, please check our Memory Page, if you are aware of any Cubs that should be there, please, let us know that information too, We want to honor them.

We are looking forward to being together again and it starts here on Our Website….Join us today!    ON SOUTH HIGH!!