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Susan Hughes

Susan Hughes

1954 – 2015

Susan was born January 19, 1954 in Salt Lake City, Utah to Delbert W. Hughes and Louise Thomas.

She passed away May 13, 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Susan is survived by her brother Delbert T. “Bud” (Marsha) Hughes, sister, Shirlene  (Mike) Seare, and many beloved nieces and nephews.

Susan passed away from complications of Crohn's Disease. Her memorial service was a beautiful tribute to a brave, fun-loving, and much admired "Auntie" and friend. She will be missed by her family co-workers and all who knew her.

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We add our condolences,

  Rest in Peace  

  On South High!!!

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05/22/15 10:19 AM #5    

Jim Bird (Bird)

So sad.  Susan was always smiling, and was a ton of fun.  Wish we would have seen her at the 40th.

05/22/15 12:18 PM #6    

Rudy Benoit

I remember how beautiful Susan is, how her Spirit for the school and friendliness abounded. May her family know she is appreciated and loved.

05/22/15 12:52 PM #7    

Tom Post

It was a very sad day at the Post home when we heard Susan had passed away. I have known Susan since Lincoln Jr. High. I have only great memories of her. She always seemed more grown up then the rest of us. She in deed was beautiful inside and out. Our group of friends spent a lot of time together and we did have fun. When did we all grow up ? Our thoughts and Prayers are with Susan's family. Susan will be remembered as a good friend to us all. She is in good hands now, may she have peace and happiness.


05/22/15 02:00 PM #8    

Joyce Pitkin

I was very sad to hear about the passing of Susan.  We were best friends in jr. high school and still friends in high school.  She was a beautiful person, always had a smile on her face and wore fabulous clothes!   I spent many fun times at her home (although afraid of her Siamese cat) and with her mom and dad.  I wish life didn't get in the way of keeping in touch with people we care about.  I have thought about her many times over the years and we actually talked a few times in the past.  You will never be forgotten.  My sincere condolences to Susan's family at this difficult time and always.

05/22/15 06:19 PM #9    

Julianne Haynes (Paul)

So sad to hear another beloved Cub has moved on.  Susan was a lovely person.  She will be missed.

05/24/15 08:56 AM #10    

Mitzi Hencley

I have nothing but very fond memories of Susan. My heart goes out to her family.

05/24/15 11:33 AM #11    

Marilynn Schnibbe (Beesley)

I, too, am deeply saddened by the loss of Susan. Such a beautiful girl. We were good friends for most of our junior high and high school years. I have such fond memories of Susan and her family, spending many hours at her house. The Hughes girls, including mom, were always dressed to the nines! Love and sympathy to Susan's family.

05/27/15 10:52 AM #12    

Leslie Brooks (Castle)

I just heard the sad news about Susan. I am reminded of the times Marilynn, Joyce, Margrit, Donna et al. would spend the weekend nights driving around in her turquoise station wagon. Her legs were so long that the seat was pushed back as far as it would go, leaving her about two feet away from the steering wheel.

And she referred to us as "grills" instead of girls.

She flirted shamelessly and harmlessly and boys always looked at her first and last-- but it didn't keep her from being a loyal, generous and devoted friend to her girl pals. She never double-crossed or competed. 

She was beautiful, but she was also brave. Susan was  the last to be afraid or hesitant. She was always "game" for an adventure, reassuring us that the thrill would be worth the risk. She rarely gossiped but she was a quick-study when it came to the character of others. She was a good listener, empathic and engaged but slow to share about her private feelings, even with her close "grill friends." 

I have missed Susan and I am so sorry she is gone.

05/28/15 10:08 AM #13    

Blake Harper (Harper)

So sorry to hear the news about Susan.  Does anyone know the circumstances of her life and passing?

 Susan was one of so many people that I admired at South and considered my friends.  As with virtually all, I lost contact after high school as my family moved and I went on to college, mission, then spending considerable time just trying to get my head screwed on properly.  Now, I miss all my old friends and regret our drifting apart.  With some, like Susan, it is too late.  Susan was gorgeous, talented, fun to be around, and caring towards others.  We had many good times, such as trips to Steve Borup's cabin.  On the basketball court, you don't really see the people in the stands, but I loved to glance toward the cheer and song leaders for reassurance that everything was okay.  She was always there for me.


05/28/15 10:29 AM #14    

Jana Sorenson (McQuay)

heart reading your sincere and heart warming comments and memories of Susan Hughes. I wish I had known her better, but what I do recall is her genuine and friendly personality. And beautiful too. So sad to hear of her passing.

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