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•   Kathy Gates (Jackson)  5/25
•   Richard Young  5/24
•   Rudy Benoit  5/23
•   Renae Packer (Walker)  2/27
•   Katheryn Marie Peterson (Ulibarri)  2/10
•   Jim Bird  1/22
•   Steven P Duncan  1/3
•   Stacey Ward  1/3
•   John Atwood  1/2
•   Terri Eggert (Wentworth)  12/20
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•   Jim Kelly  5/31
•   Suzan Meyers (Allmark)  5/31
•   Heidi Hilton (Post)  6/2
•   Jana Sorenson (McQuay)  6/4
•   Jim Bird  6/10
•   Colleen Collins (Oscarson)  6/11
•   Allison Ridley (Allen)  6/11
•   Christine Allred (Gifford)  6/15
•   Steven Burns  6/15
•   John Atwood  6/21
•   John Hille  6/21
•   Richard Young  6/23


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South High School
Class Of 1972

Welcome to "Our Web Site"!!

We are excited to see you here! Please make sure to join in order to see other classmates'  profiles, directions are found in the left menu buttons under "How to Join". (And don't forget to fill out your own profile and post some of your favorite pictures,too)  Our left menu tabs are filled with fun, please take a minute and explore all this great Web Site has to offer. We have had a great time getting reaquainted!  Reunion fun just goes on and on!

ON TURNING "60"!! ....................

   It's happened!!  We turned "60" last year!!  Unbelievable... We are asking YOU for your thoughts and/or advice on turning "60",  thanks to all those who responded...we are adding a few that we just received, We love to hear from you!! With a long Southern Drawl we wish "Y'All a Happy Birthday"    On South High!!!

Tonica Westercamp (Mitchell)- Wow are we all really turning 60ish. We are the generation that are not to be reckoned with. Our responsibilities are great as we become the care giver for our parents and some of use are caring for our grandchildren as well. Most of us are still working and trying to maintain a normal life with our spouses. What the heck is normal anyway. I say go with what ever works for you and your family. The most important thing is to take care of yourself. Physically, mentally and spiritually because that's what will get us through the most difficult times in our life. Me, I make it a point to laugh at least 15 times a day. Most of the time it's at myself. Find the good in everyone and everything you do. Ok enough said. Love all you cubs out there. Tonica (Westerkamp) Mitchell. Oak Harbor, Washington.

Richard Young - My advice to myself and others is to try and not make the same mistake twice. It would be wonderful to learn from the experiences of others but I would settle for learning from my own! Imagine what life would be like if we accomplished that!! 

Heidi (Hilton) Post -  WE just went to our oldest grandson's highschool graduation last week!  Wait a minute, weren't we just there ourselves?   My, how time flies when you are having fun!!  I have been so blessed to have reached this milestone in my life, some of my family and friends did not. I been so lucky to have traveled these many miles with my bestfriend and sweetheart. I sort of feel like a Hobbit.... I've been there and back again!!  So many things to learn, so many places to see, so many things to be done, I need 60 more years!!      So with this in mind we are inviting everyone to come  and join us, We are having a 120 year old party!!!   Add your years to ours and let's make it thousand's... Saturday, June 28th, 2014, anytime after 2:00 p.m. at our home in Midway, Utah. Come have a bite to eat, and share some cake and ice cream. Let's visit, relax, and laugh till we cry. It would be so good to see you, plan on it, won't you???   Happy Birthday to the Class of '72...  

Rodger Bischoff - That last six months was hard...thinking I would be turning "60" years old!!  However, today has come and I feel great!! I feel as young as ever,being 60 years old isn't that bad!  In fact, I am proud of my age at this time. I feel as young as when I was thirty, which was hard for me to accept.         I wish everyone who turns "60" this year a very Happy Birthday!   We are only as old as we think in our minds.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Class of 1972! Enjoy the Day!!!     Rodger 

Dave Irving - It's always nice to hear from "Old" Friends!! Like most of you, it's hard to believe we are 60!! How did this happen to me?  Who is that old man looking back at me in the mirror each morning? And how did I get so saggy, wrinkly and bald?!     Of course, I wish I was back in the 70's with a strong and healthy body and mind and lots of energy to do all the fun things we did back then!  The only thing I have now is all the great memories that happened while at South High. I am grateful for those memories and the friendships that were so important to me then and now!  God Bless the Class of 1972!!    May all your Birthday Wishes come true!!!        Take Care,    Dave Irving

Eldon Hancock -I haven't noticed much difference in reaching this milestone of my 60th birthday, but perhaps as the year goes on, I'll notice the senor citizen discounts and the increased loss of memory and mobility.  We have so many young people in our lives and so many grandchildren around, that we stay young.  If I could offer any suggestion about turning 60, it would be to stay busy, keep working or volunteering, exercise, and serve ohers.  Also, it is good to continue to read and study and write.  My family may one day have interest in what the old bald guy has to say.  I have great memories of South High; activites and friends.  Thanks to all my Cub friends for those great days.

  Tom Post - Here is my Birthday advice for the greatest generation of people who were ever born, YES, that's all of US!!  We are smarter than our parents were at 60. We are smarter than our kids think we are at 60!! We had the Beatles, we had a hell of a lot of fun and we had each other!  I still think back on our high school years as some of the best years of my life. I was lucky enough to marry my high school best friend.  Did we get in a lot of trouble?  Yes, we did! Did we laugh everyday?  Yes, we did! Did we go to class very often? No, we didn't! Have we changed? Hell, No!  Life is still great! (I don't look in mirrors!)    My advice to all of us old 60 year olds...Is to continue to enjoy life, treasure all the great memories of our past and look forward to happiness in the future.  May we all live long, healthy, happy lives and live long enough to share several more memories and class reunions with each other..Tom       *As children from the sixties(60s), we made it...Great Job!!!

Karla Therkelsen(Baum)  -  My Birthday was wonderful!! My Grandaughter had set up a surprise party and family and friends from all over came! She had put out pictures and memorbilia and lots of memories from my past days...She found a T-shirt from Spirit Week, a newspaper of our kissing booth at Goldrush, and so many cool things! I haven't had a birthday party since I was 6 years old, so 6 then 60, the best years of my life!! Thanks  all my wonderful "Cub" friends,...I wish you all many years to come!! Remember..Life has really just begun!!

Shauna Jackson (Tanner)  -  If I have any advice to give it would be to take care of yourselves - EVERYONE - so we can all make it to our 70th birthday!! It's so wierd but the older I get the less worried I am about getting older!! When I turned 30 I about had a meltdown, but 60?? No Big Deal!!! But it sure has been fun reading about how everyone is doing...Thanks to all who help make this possible!!


From Robert (Bob) Noble.... Always take the time to Enjoy, where you have been, where you are and what is on that bucket list!   LOL!!!
From Julianne (Haynes) Paul...Ha! I'm only turning 59 this year. I was one of those "experimental" kids that got moved up to first from kinder. I guess the experiment turned out ok, though I did have to wait until my junior year to take drivers ed. Well, happy birthday to all you OLDER friends! I'll catch up next October.
Cheers, Julianne

From Glen Jones... Recently I had to deal with the unexpected death of a dear friend. On reflection, I have no idea why it came as such a surprise. In the final analysis, I have always known that all things come to an end - everyone dies - nobody makes it out alive. For each us, all our days are numbered. I intend to live each day as if mine will be called due tonight. Right now, I’m going to get outside and take a long walk on this glorious fall day in the Northern Nevada desert. One day I will die … but, not now - at least, probably not ... today. 

From Linda (Diane)Barker(Dixon)....When I first read that I thought, "What Old Farts!" Then I remembered I'm one of those old farts. Not till June 22nd, so I'm good!  Yea.... I think it is how you feel, sometimes it is soooo hard to think 60!  I used to think 30 was old!.... sad, but true!   Happy Birthday, all you wonderful class mates.   

From MacRay Curtis.... I have been thinking a lot about this milestone. I remember having many of the same feeling turning 50 as I do turning 60. DEVASTATION!  And feeling so OLD!  But, we got through that, and I am sure we will, again.       I guess the most significant thought I have had these past few weeks is profound gratitude. Sometimes I just can't believe what a fortunate person I am. I am grateful for my wife, our children, and of course, our grandchildren. We are so blessed to live in this country and have the freedoms we enjoy. No other country enjoys the freedoms and comforts that we enjoy. Most of all, I am grateful to my God. He has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams.     I really enjoyed our reunion last year because it gave me the opportunity to see so many of my friends from South High. I consider my time at South and especially our senior year as a highlight of my life. How grateful I am for the time we spent together and the experiences we had.            The past 41 years have brought many joys, many trials, many blessings, many smiles. I look forward to the future. We face many challenges, but, we can face these challenges together and succeed.        Thanks, my friends, for being my friends and for sharing so many great memories. I hope all of you have a great 60th birthday! 

From Rudy Benoit.... turning 60 is when you start getting carded again, but now cashiers want to see your senior card to  make sure you're old enough to qualify for the discount!

From Cindy (Whipple)Wilhite...Hey, everyone! Lots of folks turning 60! Didn't see  my name on the birthday list but will also be the big 60 on October 14th! Like I feel a day over, @$#%@# !! Well I don't, really. What's the big deal, right!! It's really just another day older than the day before, at least that's how I'm looking at it, for today anyway. Tomorrow could be totally different! However, when I was standing in front of "the" mirrow that tells all, I encouraged the person there ever so kindly to step aside so I could get on with makeup duty. Ya know, she didn't have the decency to move one little smidgen. Everywhere I went, there she was. Quite annoying actually. Can't quite figure that one out but will have to deal with her later. Oh yeah... Yes, things aren't quite the same as years gone by but as I see it, blessed I am to be here and be standing. So much to be grateful for and truly blessed beyond measure. Sometimes it takes a trial or two to really bring home the recall of just how fortunate we are. I am grateful for the tender mercies Heaven showers down, especially when volcanic eruptions seem to spew all about in life-changing events. We seem to make it through somehow, don't we? Thank the Heavens.... I think of my schoolmates of '72 quite often these days and reflect back on the great memories of 41 years ago as well as the reunion last year. Can you believe another year has gone by? Amazing isn't it how time really seems to fly on gossamer wings after all, but happy I am to be able to recall those wonderful memories of long ago as they are conjured up over and over again! Love that!  Thanks again to all who made the reunion possibel. Many hand make light work, as my mother used to say. How true that is, so thank you once again. Welcome to fall ya all-- don't you just love this time of year with that sudden nip in the air?? Well, here's hopin' that all you South High Cubs keep on, keepin' on! We have a lot of memories behind us that's for sure and hopefully many more up ahead and just around the corner... Happy Birthday to you all this 60th year coming up. The best is yet to be right!!! I know I'm going to be just fine, especially when I can finally get that "woman" away from my mirror!!@!@!@!   So annoying...Later Cubs!  Love Cindy (Whipple) Wilhite

From Rudy Benoit...  I miss my friends, Charlie Burnett, Bob Smith and I shared art and worked in the same room in the Back of Mr. Hanceys' I learned from him and I think he learned from me, I miss Mr. Hancey. I Loved many of my teachers, Mr. Hancey, he influenced my Art and my desire to learn that led to a 35+ year career, I Loved. Stuckenschneider, Tony Snow, saw him years later, still a good guy. I always wondered about Mrs. Southam, didn't always get along, but still liked her, I think she was before her time, I came to appreciate her years later. Can't believe Steve Bartholomew is gone, worked with him on Stage Crew many a time. Bobby Johnston and I Loved many of the same things, Wrestling, Guns, etc. I remember when Steve Kelly died, I became friends with his Dad years later, I lived just around the corner. Joey Martinez was always the joker, even at Liberty. Mickey Pratt, he and Margene Dunlop were always a thing. Oh I miss many of you .....

Just a thought??? Enjoy your last decade of driving faster than your age! When you get in your 70's anything above 60mph will seem way to fast!!  ...         " Slow down you're movin' to fast... You gotta make the morning last!"   Feelin' Groovy,  dadada da da da da duh.....

Thanks,Cubs, Keep them coming...    Send us your birthday advice/thoughts or wishes...or even jokes. We hope to hear from everybody....    On South High!!!